Innovative Waste Management prides itself on saving businesses money and allowing them to focus on their core services. Here is what others are saying about our services.

“Allows Us to Focus”

Innovative Waste Solutions has recently worked with us to cut our solid waste and recycling expenses.Although we already had a recycling program in place, they were able to improve the program and cut our costs significantly.

Not only did our costs go down after the initial audit, but IWS continually comes back with additional cost saving measures. IWS allows us to focus on our core business while they handle the trash. If you want to reduce your waste and recycling costs, give IWS a call.

Barb White, Brent Brown Toyota
Rated: 5 out of 5

“I was skeptical”

For anyone looking to substantially reduce their solid waste and recycling costs, I recommend Innovative Waste Solutions. Over the past few years, we have seen our solid waste costs go down by over 80%.

When we were first approached by IWS, I was skeptical that there was anything that could be done we weren’t already doing. We had a recycling program, and thought our costs were under control. After their audit, they came back and helped us recycle more than we thought possible. The process was simple, and they helped us implement a plan that everyone could participate in. The result is that we save thousands of dollars each and every year.

For a simple easy solution, let IWS look in your trash. They will save you money.

Chris Benson, Birrell Bottling
Rated: 5 out of 5

“They do the work, we see the savings”

As the operator of multiple fitness centers across Utah, it is paramount that we continually evaluate our relationship with vendors and look at opportunities to minimize expenses. Without hesitation I recommend the services of Innovative Waste Solutions (IWS) and their no cost waste and recycling evaluation.

A few years ago we preformed an internal review of our waste and recycling services to see where we could improve. When IWS later came to us and suggested we re-evaluate the programs I did not anticipate there was room for improvement. Through their audit we were able to find savings above and beyond what our internal review produced. The best part of the process is that they do the work and we see the savings. It is refreshing to know that we can focus on operating fitness centers and let someone else focus on trash.

Travis Colledge, Gold’s Gym of Utah
Rated: 5 out of 5

“The results literally saved us thousands of dollars”

Some time ago we enlisted the help of Innovative Waste Solutions to help us look into our solid waste expenses. They offered risk free opportunity with no up-front fees. The initial audit revealed many areas where we could reduce our waste costs, and also implement some new recycling opportunities.The results have literally saved us thousands of dollars.

Since the time of our initial audit, Innovative Waste Solutions has come back and further helped us reduce our solid waste costs. All of the cost saving measures were easy to implement, and handled completely by IWS. The process was seamless, and IWS completed all the work without adding to the workload of our staff.

For anyone looking to cut costs, I recommend Innovative Waste Solutions and their risk free solution.

Dave Wallentine, Flexible Technologies

“Minimal effort”

It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Innovative Waste Solutions (IWS) . With the slowdown in the building industry during the last few years, we were constantly looking for ways to reduce operating costs. We never really considered there was much of an opportunity to cut costs relating to waste and recycling, until IWS contacted us and offered to perform a comprehensive waste audit at no cost to us.

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at the results of the audit. With minimal effort on the part of our staff, we were able to significantly reduce costs at our manufacturing facility and many of our retail operations as well. Some of the cost reductions were from improved recycling measures, while other opportunities came from more efficient collection methods.

Overall it was a very easy experience . Not only did IWS provide solutions, they made sure implementation was seamless. If you are looking for a way to reduce operating expenses, let Innovative Waste Solutions take a look at your waste and recycling programs. They saved us time and money, and can do the same for you.

Jeff Jones, Jones Paint and Glass

“Partner with IWS”

If you are looking to simplify the waste and recycling programs within your organization, partner with Innovative Waste Solutions (IWS).

As the operator of Jiffy Lube centers in multiple states, it is a relief to have a single point of contact for waste and recycling services. IWS takes care of opening or closing locations, new service opportunities,and continually works with us to keep costs at a minimum. Additionally they work to ensure we get the level of service required to keep our staff and our customers happy.

We are always looking for opportunities to streamline operations, and IWS helped fill that need with solid waste and recycling. Allowing IWS to focus on their area of expertise lets us focus on what we do best-Customer Service.

Kenny Pearmain, Lube Mgt. Corp, DBA Jiffy Lube

“The results were surprising”

Traco Manufacturing is a manufacturer and distributor of packaging supplies and keeping costs under control is a high priority. We have teamed up with Innovative Waste Solutions (IWS) to help us with our recycling program and they have been a great partner to work with.

IWS audited our existing recycling program and the results were surprising. They walked us through our options and away we went! After implementation of their recommendations our recycling rate is substantially higher, and our costs are significantly lower. Best of all the process was seamless and easily implemented by our staff.

IWS continues to monitor our success and their follow-up is excellent! We recommend to any business looking to cut costs and help improve the environment to contact Innovative Waste Solutions for your own audit.

Mike Ramsey, Operations Manager, Traco Manufacturing